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Global Expansion Plus provides payroll and HR administration services in Ukraine. Use our solutions to take care of your people in Ukraine. We make sure that your people are being taken care of and your entity is safe from violating local legislation. Ukrainian labor relationship is governed by Labor Code.

Hiring and onboarding employees in Ukraine

If you are hiring a foreign employee, you need to consider obtaining the work permit first. Please see below. Once you agreed the job offer with your future employee you need to start the onboarding process.

Onboarding Process

Onboarding process in Ukraine consist of the following steps:
The working age starts at 18.

Probation Period

While it is not mandatory, it is a common practice to include probation period into the labor agreement. Different probation periods are regulated by the labor code depending on position:

Health and Safety

The employer must ensure for the workforce such working conditions that are comfortable and safe. Requirements for work conditions are contained in many regulatory documents on labor protection. Following the requirements mitigates the risks of damage to health and safety of the people. Health and safety including fire protection are regulated by the Labor Protection Code of Ukraine.

Medical Checks

Medical check up are mandatory in special industries, for example catering and taxi and other industries specified in the Labor Protection Code. A medical examination is required for the following categories of workers:

Work permits and Visas in Ukraine

Visa Types

There are three types of visas in Ukraine:
You need to receive an invitation from the Ukrainian side, depending on the purpose of the trip. Ukrainian consulates abroad accept only originals of invitations. In order to know whether your citizenships require the visa please request a consultation with our visa specialist.
To apply for a visa, foreign citizens, personally or through an authorized person (power of attorney), submit to the consulate of Ukraine, in their country:

Visa application process

Foreign citizent that are required to obtain entry visa shall apply to Ukraine’s Consulate within 3 month before visiting Ukraine. Sometimes visas can be acquired at international airports at the point of entry. There are two airports “Boryspil” and “Odesa” that provide this services. Ministry of Forign Affiar operated 56 Visa centers around the globe to support citizens of foreign states in obtaining visas to Ukraine. Foreign citizens also can apply for visa online. Theses kind od visas are called E-Visa and awailable to 52 countries and provide only single entry, 30 days stay visas.

Work Permit

Law of Ukraine “On employment” provides that employers are entitled to use the work of foreign citizens under the terms of an employment contract only if they have been granted a permit by the State Employment Center for the employment of foreigners.
Documents required for obtaining a work permit from a foreigner are issued by the employer who invites the foreigner to work.
In order to obtain a work permit for a foreigner, the employer must submit the following documents to the State Employment Center:

Working hours and leaves in Ukraine

Employer are responsible for providing employees with vacation time to restore their ability to effectively function, restore health and raise and educate children and fulfill personal needs.

Vacation leave

All employees are guaranteed the right for vacation by Art. 45 of the Constitution, the Labor Code, the Law on Vacation Leave, and other legal acts. Foreign citizens working in Ukraine have the right to leave on an equal basis with the citizens of Ukraine.
Types of annual leave are determined by the Vacation Leave Act. These include:
According the Vacation Leave Act, annual basic leave shall be granted to employees of not less than 24 calendar days for the working year worked, which shall be counted from the date of signing of the employment contract. It is usually accrued by 2 days per month.
The annual basic vacation leave and additional vacation leaves are granted to the employee so that they are used until the end of the working year.
The annual basic vacation leave at the request of the employee can be divided into parts of any duration, considering that one of the periods cannot be shorted that 14 calendar days.

Sick leave

The temporary disability reimbursement is provided to the employee, that fully or partially compensates for the loss of wage and salary and is paid by the Social Security Fund of Ukraine starting from the sixth day of sick leave for the entire period until the sick leave is over or until disability status is granted to an employee.
Five days of sick leave due to illness or injury not related to an industrial accident are paid by the employer.
Sick leave is calculated as number of sick leave days multiplied by the average salary of an employee multiplied by the coefficient on length of work.

Maternity and paternity leave

Women are eligible with paid leave in connection with pregnancy and childbirth lasting: before delivery – 70 calendar days; after childbirth – 56 calendar days starting from the day of birth(70 calendar days – in the case of the birth of two or more children and in case of difficult of childbirth),, according the Law of Ukraine “On Vacations”. After theз pregnancy leave, mothers are able to go to the 3 years of unpaid maternity leave with position secured by the employer. Father are also eligible to the unpaid paternity leave if it is transferred from mother to father.

Ukrainian Holidays in 2020

Remuneration & Benefits

Minimal wage salary is set one per year and equal to UAH 4723 (USD 174,93) in gross. Net salary will be equal to UAH 3802,02 (USD 140,82) and total cost of employment will be equal to UAH 5762,06 (USD 213,41). Foreign citizens with work permit in Ukraine have minimal wage requirement of UAH 47230 (USD 1749,3), ten minimal salaries. This measure is done to protect local work force. If company has more than 8 people is needed to hire one person with disability. This is mandatory requirement.

Employee termination and severance

Ukrainian labor legislation is protecting employees from the unfair terminations.
Severance payment of 2 months’ salary is paid in case of company or the positions liquidation. Also it is commonly accepted that the severance payment in case of firing an employee is equal to 2 months’ salary.

Payroll related taxes

Employee taxes

Employees are paying Personal Income Tax of 18% and Military tax of 1,5% from its gross salary.

Employer taxes

Employers are paying 22% of Social Security Contribution on top of Gross salary.
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