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Estonia – Company establishment

Global Expansion Plus provides you with legal, corporate, and secretary services in Estonia. Before you start the process of registration, you need to consider the following questions:

Legal forms in Estonia

Getting your legal form right is a key to success. Before starting a business you need carefully select a legal from the will best suit your needs and potentially will save you money and time. So before you consider entity sent up you need to address the following questions:

Please refer to our publication and articles to find more information.

Taxation regime in Estonia

Please refer to our publication and articles to find more information.

Name of the company in Estonia

A company can not use a company name already in use by another Estonian legal entity. A limited liability company has to use the abbreviation “OÜ” at the end of its business name.

Registration address in Estonia

A company has to maintain a local legal address. You can rent your office or use a virtual seat service provided by Global Expansion Plus. Also, if most of the board of directors are not Estonian residents, the company must provide the Estonian Commercial Registry (Äriregister) with a local contact address where notices and legal documents can be sent.

Founders and share capital in Estonia

In general, the minimum share capital for Limited Liability Company (Osaühing, OÜ) is 2500 EUR. If all of the founders are physical individuals and a share capital less than 25,000 EUR, they can declare that the capital contributions not be paid when the company is registered.
The share capital of the entity is divided into shares; each participant takes responsibility within the amount of his contribution.
The company must have at least one participant, and there is no residency qualification.

Types of activity in Estonia

A company should carefully select types of activity considering their planned activity. Corporate lawyer of Global Expansion Plus can support you with a careful selection because activity type can influence the tax incentives. Some activities require obtaining of license

Directorship in Estonia

The minimum of one manager is required, and there is no residency qualification. The presence of the manager, who is the resident, is not provided as a mandatory requirement. A legal entity may not be appointed as the manager. If there are more than three managers, it shall be formed Management board. The board is authorized to appoint directors.

Client journey

Initial stage

  • Consultion with our corporate lawyer targeting all points listed above;
  • Preparation of notarized and apostilled Power of Attorney (if needed);

Registration Stage

  • Preparation of the article of association;
  • Preparation of the minutes of meeting of members of the company;
  • Obtaining of notary approval of the documents;
  • Payment of government fee (EUR 140.60);
  • Filling out an application for state registration of a legal entity;
  • Registration of the company with state registrar;

Tax Stage

  • Filling and applying for VAT registration (mandatory if annual revenue is more than 40,000 EUR);
  • Directors employment registration with tax authorities;
  • Sign an accounting outsourcing contract to support your activities and tax compliance.

Final stage

  • Open a bank account.
  • Signing a legal support contract
  • Make a seal

Additional services in Estonia

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