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Global Expansion Plus provides payroll and HR administration services in Botswana. Use our solutions to take care of your people in Botswana. We make sure that your entity is safe from violating local legislation. The Labor Legislation governs Botswana’s labor relations.

Hiring and onboarding employees in Botswana

The length of the trial period should be stipulated in an employment contract. During the probation period, the termination of employment can be done by both parties without reasoning. The trial period for unskilled employees is three months, and for executive personnel is could be prolonged up to twelve months.

Probation Period

The length of the trial period should be stipulated in employment contract. During the probation period the termination of employment can be done by both parties without reasoning. The trial period for unskilled employees are three months, and for executive personel is could be prolonged up to twelve months.

Health and Safety

Health certificates are required for a specified job positions health. Some jobs may require background checks under the consent of employees. The executive positions at the financial services may require credit history checks.

An employer shall provide safe work conditions for the employees.

Many companies in Botswana monitor company personnel’s gender, ethnicity, and race composition to monitor internal equal opportunity policies.

Work permits and Visas in Botswana

Visa Types

Botswana has the following visa types:

Business Visa

A business visa is provided to individuals that want to explore business opportunities in Botswana. They could be investors, trade agents, and businessmen.

Under the business visa, individuals are expected to perform business activities on the territory of Botswana. These activities include meeting with business partners, attending conferences and business events, negotiating business terms.

It is issued for a year and is not extendable.

Employment Visa

Employment visa is provided to individuals traveling for employment to Botswana, which includes full-time jobs, internship, and voluntary services. Visa is provided for six months period and could be prolonged and approved.

Investment Visa

This type of visa is issued to executives that subsidiary companies operating in Botswana and are traveling to the country frequently. The visa is issued for five years.

Work Permit

Procedure for obtaining approval

The government body responsible for work permits is the Immigrants Selection Boards under the Immigration Act. Expatriates that have fixed-term projects or fixed-term contracts are required to obtain a temporary work permit.

Required supporting documents are:

Working hours and leaves in Botswana

Working hours and overtime

For the standard workweek of 5 days, the working day cannot exceed 9 hours with a 1-hour rest break included. For the workweek of more than five days, the workday cannot exceed eight hours and be more than 48 hours per week. A minimum break of 30 minutes shall be provided after 5 hours of consecutive work.

The rest day of 24 hours is required per week, usually Sunday. Shift workers are provided with a 24-hour rest after 30 consecutive hours.

The total amount of overtime shall not exceed 14 hours per workweek. Overtime is compensated at 1,5 of a standard rate.

Vacation leave

The minimum paid vacation leave is equal to 15 working days—vacation days accuse as eight days per six months. The rest of unused vacation shall be utilized in three years after its accrual. At the employee termination, the unused leave shall be compensated.

Sick leave

Employees are entitled to the paid sick leave for 14 working days after one year of employment. In the event of illness, an employee is obliged to inform an employer about the illness and provide the medical certification within 24 hours.

Maternity and paternity leave

Maternity leave is equal to 6 weeks before and six weeks after childbirth. The pregnant female employee provides medical examination certificates. In some circumstances, additional two weeks of maternity leave is provided. An employee on maternity leave is compensated at a minimum of 25% of basic pay.

Holidays in Botswana 2021

Remuneration & Benefits in  Botswana

As of 2018, minimum wages in Botswana are as follows:

Employee termination and severance in Botswana

The indefinite contract can be terminated only for lay-off due to a change in the business plans of the company as a whole.

An employer can only end an employee without notice period and severance payment if there is a documented major violation of internal policies or laws at the workplace.

Notice period

An employer has to provide a notification about the termination of employment to an employee in advance. For the employees paid every week, the notice period equals one week. For the employees paid every month, the notice period is equal to one month.

Severance payment

Professionals, executives, and managerial staff are eligible for the severance payment. An employee who worked for 60 months of one employer is reimbursed at a one-day pay rate per month. In other words, two months is compensated to the employee.

Payroll related taxes in Botswana

Employee taxes

Resident and non-resident employees are paying PIT and the following rates:

Employer taxes

Botswana does not have any form of social contribution.

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