Accounting Outsourcing and
Tax compliance in Botswana

Botswana – Accounting Outsourcing and Tax Compliance

Global Expansion Plus provides accounting outsourcing and tax compliance in Botswana. We provide services with the support of our local accountants and tax specialists. We will perform bookkeeping, accounting, and filing a tax return on your behalf bearing all associated compliance risks.

Botswana in facts

Corporate income tax (CIT) in Botswana

The CIT rate in Botswana equals 22% flat. Under the special permission of the Ministry of Finance, a special tax rate could be applied to the rate of 15%. Corporate income tax is based only on local income.

Value-added Tax (VAT) in Botswana

The standard VAT rate in Botswana equals 12%. VAT is placed in goods and services as well as on imported goods. Some goods are exempt from VAT under the list provided by the Tax Code. Companies shall register as VAT payers when turnover hits BWP 1 million thresholds.

Personal Income tax (PIT) in Botswana

The tax base for the PIT is only income earned on the territory of Botswana. The individual that is residents of Botswana are taxed on all income sources based on the progressive scale:

A non-resident individual is taxed on generated income in Botswana based on the PIT rates:

Withholding Tax (WHT) in Botswana

Withholding tax of 24% is applied to service contracts of foreign companies in Algeria. The base for calculation is the gross contract amount.

Residents pay the following interest:

Non- residents pay the following interest:

All rent and commission or brokerage payments to residents or non-residents are subject to WHT at 5%, and 10%, respectively, where the total amount is BWP 36,000 per annum or more or the monthly payment is BWP 3,000 or more.

Payroll-Related Taxation in Botswana

Botswana has no social security contribution or fees paid by either employee or the employer.

Import/ Export related taxation in Botswana

Import and export duties are placed on imported and exported goods in Botswana. Trade operations with South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, and Swaziland  (Southern African Customs Union) are exempt from customs duties. Zimbabve products are free of charge if 25% of their content is local.

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