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Global Expansion Plus provides payroll and HR administration services in Benin. Use our solutions to take care of your people in Benin. We make sure that your people are being taken care of and your entity is safe from violating local legislation

Hiring and onboarding employees in Benin

If you are hiring a foreign employee, you need to consider obtaining a work permit first. Please see below. Once you agreed on the job offer with your future employee, you need to start the onboarding process.

Onboarding Process

An employment contract can be written or oral form and settles relationships between the parties of employment. The agreement can be for a fixed period or an indefinite period. There is a requirement to have a written contract if the fixed contract is for more than one month, or the place of work is outside the employee’s resident location.

Benin does not have a regulated onboarding process and is usually ruled by companies’ internal policies and procedures. GE+ provides the following steps in employee onboarding:

GE+ provides you with a sample Beninan employment contract.  The contact defines the term of the contract and, if not explicitly mentioned, is deemed infinite.

Probation Period

The probation period could not exceed:

The trial period cannot be extended in fixed-term contracts. IN a fixed-term contract, the probation period shall not exceed the one month. The probation period should be paid at a standard pay rate.

Health and Safety

The employers shall ensure safety and comfortable work conditions for workers. People employed by the national security forces – the police, the army, and companies that part of the law enforcement must comply with a strict background check.

Work permits and Visas in Benin

Foreign employees need to obtain a work visa and work permit to enter Benin.

Visa Types

Individuals from African countries and Haiti and Hong Kong can visit Benin without a visa. There are the following types of visas for employment purposes:

Procedure for obtaining visa

To apply for a Beninese visa, you will need:

Work Permit

Benin does not have legislation, and procedures are specified for obtaining a work permit.

Working hours and leaves in Benin

Working hours and overtime

The regular workweek is 40 hours. In the agricultural sector, a 46-hour workweek is established by the Ministry of Labor. There is a requirement for 24 hours of rest per week. In other words, the law requires at least one day of rest per week.


Overtime hours cannot exceed 240 per year. If an employee works overtime, they are entitled to overtime payments. Overtime work during the day is compensated at the following rates:

Vacation leave

Employees are entitled to 24 working days of paid annual vacation. Vacation is accrued two days per month. Eligibility for the leave starts after 12 months of work experience. After 25 years of a work period, employees are eligible for an additional two days of vacation per year. Employees younger than 18 years are eligible for 30 days of leave.

Sick leave

The duration of sick leave equals:

Sick leave is compensated as follows:

Maternity and paternity leave

Maternity leave starts six weeks before the due date and continues eight weeks after the birth date. In case of health issues after the child’s delivery, the maternity leave could be prolonged up to 12 weeks. The health issues shall be related to childbirth.

Maternity leave compensation is equal to standard pay before the pregnancy. The employee is eligible for payment during the maternity leave period.

Female employees have additional two days of leave for each child.

Holidays in Benin 2021

Remuneration & Benefits in  Benin

The minimum wage is XOF 40,000.00. The rate is based on the standard workweek. The national labor council sets that minimum wage and updates it whenever needed.

Employee termination and severance in Benin

When a contract is fixed in terms, it is terminated by the end of the period. Any of the parties may terminate an indefinite term contract. An employee can terminate the contract with prior notification.

Meanwhile, an employer can terminate the indefinite contract for the eligible reason.

Notice period

The notification period is:

The notification period cannot be shorter than the probation period. During the notification, the period employee is provided with two free paid days per week to be able to search for a new job.

During the notice period, the employee works on the same terms and employment conditions except that the worker is provided two days per week to search for a new job.

Severance payments

Severance payment is provided under the following rate and depends on the working record:

Payroll related taxes in Benin

Employee taxes

Personal income tax is carries ad following rates:

Social Security Contribution

The social security contributions are 3.6% of the gross salary.

Employer taxes

The employer contributes 26% of the employee’s gross salary. The social security fund covers retirement, illness, unemployment, and work accidents.

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