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Global Expansion Plus provides payroll and HR administration services in Angola. Use our solutions to take care of your people in Angola. We make sure that your people are being taken care of and your entity is safe from violating local legislation. The Labor Legislation governs Angola’s labor relations.

Hiring and onboarding employees in Angola

Angola’s labor legislation does not explicitly require a written labor contract except for a specific position. An employee has a right to require a written labor contract from their employer.

Previously, labor authorities required an indefinite employment contract. Currently, an employer can enter into a fixed-term contract with a maximum duration of such contract for five years for; large companies, ten years for small and medium-sized companies.

Probation Period

The trial period is 60 working days. The term could be reduced in canceled by the contract. For highly qualified employees, that trial period can be prolonged to four months. For the managing and executive positions, the probation period could be even extended to six months.

The fixed-term contracts can have a probation period of 15 days for skilled and 30 days for unskilled employees.

Health and Safety

In some circumstances, an employer can require a new recruit to go through medical check-ups or require the medical certificates for some job positions. Labor legislation requires employers to provide a safe work environment to their employees.

Work permits and Visas in Angola

According to labor legislation, foreign employees are required to obtain a work permit in Angola. There is a quota of 30% of foreigners in a given company.

Visa Types

Procedure for obtaining approval

Angola has a vast oil and gas industry and attracts many ex-pats in this field. For this purpose, applicants apply for a specific visa named Work Visa (Oil & Gas Sector). Before obtaining the Work Visa (Oil & Gas Sector), employees enter on a short-term visa. Only then do employers apply for the work visa to the Ministry of Petroleum in Luanda.

Work Visa Type A is available to other workers. The visa-issuing body is the Ministry of Public Administration, Employment and Social Security, and the Ministry of Migration and Foreigners Services in Luanda, Angola. A temporary work visa is granted to expect to work on public and private companies. Obtaining this kind of visa can take several months.

Documents needed for a work visa

Initially, an accepting company in Angola sends an invitation letter to the consulate in the country from which the employee will apply for the visa. A copy of this invitation letter is sent to the Office of Migration and Foreigners. The invitation letter shall have the following data: full name, date of birth, occupation, nationality, and passport details. Required documents are:

Work Permit

Procedure for obtaining approval

A work permit is obtained at the Ministry of Migration and Foreigners Services. The invitation letter is stamped and proved by the relevant ministry, and only then applicant can approach the consulate to apply for the work permit. Employees can con to Angola during the approval period can enter Angola by the temporary 30 days- visa.

Documents required for a work permit:

Foreign employees will need to provide a variety of documents that include:

As well as a variety of corporate documents which may include:

All documents in a foreign language must be translated into Portuguese and legalized by the appropriate authorities and the Angolan Consulate before the work visa application can be made with the Ministry and Consulate.

A work visa is usually issued for up to 12 months and is extendable twice in the country.

Working hours and leaves in Angola

Working hours and overtime

The standard workweek is equal to a 44-hour workweek and an 8-hour workday. Employees need to have breaks for rest and meals during the workday and can not work for five hours straight without a break.


Overtime cannot exceed two hours per workday and 40 hours per work month, and 200 hours per year.

Overtime that falls into the limits mentioned above is paid at 50% over the standard pay rate; overtime that exceeds the limits is paid at 75% over the standards rate.

Vacation leave

Employees are entitled to 22 paid vacations for the year Vacation days are paid at a rate of 50% of their standard pay.

Sick leave

During sick leave, employees need to present a sick leave certificate. The employer pays the first two months of the sick leave at a 100% rate, starting from the third till the twelfth month; the sick leave is paid at 50% of the base salary.

Maternity and paternity leave

Female employees are eligible for pre-maternity leave only in a difficult pregnancy and three-month post-maternity leave that could be extended to four months in case of a multiply birth.

By the end of the maternity leave, a female employee can request additional four weeks of unpaid leave. Male employees are provided with a day-off on the child’s birthday.

Maternity leave is paid within 30 days from the start of the vacation and reimbursed to the employer by the State Social Security Funds.

Holidays in Angola 2021

Remuneration & Benefits in  Angola

The minimum wage is set at Kz15,000.30 for different economic activities. There are various minimal wages:

Employee termination and severance in Angola

The employment contract may be terminated by:

Notice period

The prior notice shall state the date on which the employment contract ceases and be accompanied by a notification copy.

Payroll related taxes in Angola

Employee taxes

For Group A  there are progressive income tax rates up to 25%, as follows:

Social security – 3%

Employer taxes

Social security – 8%

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