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Angola – Accounting Outsourcing and Tax Compliance

Global Expansion Plus provides accounting outsourcing and tax compliance in Angola. We provide services with the support of our local accountants and tax specialists. We will perform bookkeeping, accounting, and filing a tax return on your behalf bearing all associated compliance risks.

Angola in facts

Corporate income tax (CIT) in Angola

Corporate income tax is equal to a 25% flat rate to companies incorporated in Angola and foreign companies running a business in Angola.

Taxpayers are divided into two groups:

Group A:

Group B:

Angolan tax legislation provides a special tax regime for the oil and gas industry and extraction industry.

Value-added Tax (VAT) in Angola

The standard regime

Large taxpayers are required to be under the standard VAT regime. Also, companies can choose to be VAT payers at a standard regime. Under the mentioned regime, companies can recognize tax obligations and deduct VAT credit on a purchase with VAT.

Companies under the standard regime are required to:

The simplified regime

Companies under the simplified regime have a separate set of rules for VAT administration:

Personal Income tax (PIT) in Angola

Angolan PIT Code classifies income earned by the individuals into groups:

For income earned in the employment relationships, a progressive scale of tax rates is applied as follows:

Withholding Tax (WHT) in Angola

Some payments made by Angolan companies are subject to the WHT tax of 6,5% and 15% for foreign companies operating in Angola. Payment of WHT is deducted from the CIT payable for residents of Angola. For the non-resident companies, WHT is considered as CIT tax.

Dividends, interest, and royalties are also WHT taxable.

Payroll-Related Taxation in Angola

Social security contribution is payable on gross income by employer and employee at a rate of 3% and 8%, respectively. If an employee is on retirement but still working, the social security contribution for the employer is equal to 8%. The social security fund is providing unemployment and pension protections.

Import/ Export related taxation in Angola

Custom duty

Imported goods are subject to customs duties at a rate ranging from 2% to 70%.

Transit Goods exported from Angola but not locally produced are taxed at a 20% rate of customs duty and customs fee of 0,5%. Petroleum, oil, and mining industries have goods that are exempt from customs duties.

Excise taxes

The excise duty taxes imported goods by the rates of 2%, 5%, 19%, 25%, and 30%. The rate depends on the product. Oil derivatives are subject to an excise tax of 2%. The excise taxes cover the following products:

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